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Post  SmOkErSCrY on Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:05 pm

Hi, This thread is for the Think Tanks Players that want to join BMT. Please read the following if you are interested in BMT and reply to this Thread if you choose that you like what you see and want to join.

First off, if you want to join, you got to know who the leaders are, so you know who to report to.
The leaders are SmOkErSCrY (Head Leader), Pinkfloyd, And The Red Baron.

Second, In BMT, You are expected to have good manners, reasonable grammar (Good enough to understand you), respect for everyone on TT and moderate skill in 2 of the 4 game types. We will work on you to make you good at all of them with our trainers during Weekly Practice.

Thirdly, You cannot join if you are a DEMO, but this does not mean to not respect them. The DEMOs are the future players of TT and when they buy the game and are on TT for about 3-4 Months, they may be a new BMT Member.

If you aren't a DEMO, have good grammar, moderate TT skill, good manners, respect, and know the 3 BMT leaders, you're off to a good start on becoming BMT member material.

Before you join, YOU HAVE TO MATCH REQUIREMENTS!!! These are the requirements you must match to join:

Must be active on Think Tanks. You have to be on at least once every week.
Should have or make a name able to be read or able to be sent a private message.
Must to be able to attend practice(s).
May only be in BMT.
Cannot beg to join. You ask only once, If said no then that means no!
Must be able to sign up for BMTForums.

If you match those requirements then you are free to join BMT. Please post below and ask to join. Anyone that veiws this and has not yet become a BMT member, goes on Think Tanks and puts BMT in their names are BMT fakers. We will ask you to take BMT out of your name if we catch you on TT with BMT in your name when you aren't a Member.

If you apply to join, and you are accepted, You will be told the rules and you may proceed into BMT if you choose to.

Have a good day, good luck, and stay Squishin.

We Are Accepting Members!

Joining BMT Squishsketchsig

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